The Village of Elm Creek came into existence  in August of 1866, when the Union Pacific Railroad came through Buffalo County. The railroad crew built their siding close to a creek that had red elm trees growing along its banks. The crew named the creek “Elm” and the siding “Elm Creek Siding”. The name just stuck as people began to settle here. The Village of Elm Creek was actually incorporated in 1887.

Many of our streets are named for the original homesteaders in the area. Elm Creek is the only town by that name in the United States.

Elm Creek has a population of 901 citizens, as of the 2010 census. Elm Creek has a thriving business district that employs many of our town’s citizens.

Elm Creek also has a wonderful school system, and a beautiful high school addition was

completed in 2010. Student enrollment continues to grow every year, unlike many small towns. Our football stadium and track are state of the art. The parents here are very involved and committed to our children’s activities and goals.We have a great park complete with newly re-built swimming pool and baseball fields. There are three picnic shelters by the play area for family and community events. The Elm Creek Ball Association is very active and Elm Creek is a big t-ball and baseball town.

Buffalo County

The last weekend in August Elm Creek celebrates Buffalo Stampede Days. This brings in thousands of people to partake in the weekend’s events. The festivities begin with Elm Creek Fire & Rescue sponsored parade. There are softball, volleyball, dodge ball, and horseshoe tournaments, outhouse races, a huge Show and Shine car show, mud drag races, many food venues, a bbq cook off, and a large street dance. The weekend is started off with a huge fireworks display on Friday night, that’s sponsored by the Village of Elm Creek. The weekend brings people back who’ve moved away and brings many new people every year. Elm Creek is a tight knit community that has a lot of pride. We’re proud of our way of life, our values, and our children. It’s a great place to raise a family. It’s safe and happy, and most people in Elm Creek will tell you they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!