1. Where is the Village Hall located? – Village Hall is located at 535 W Boyd Ave, Elm Creek, NE  68836
      2. What are the hours for the Village Hall? – The Village Hall is open 8am – 12:30pm and 1pm – 4:30pm Monday through Friday.
      3. How do I apply for a job with the Village? – You can Click Here to download an Employment Application or you can go to the Home Page and click on Forms & Applications at the bottom of the page and download the Employment Application.  Once you have filled out the application, you can mail it to the Village Office at PO Box 130, Elm Creek, NE  68836 or email it to voec@atcjet.net or drop it off at our Drop Box outside the Village Office.
      4. When is the next Village Board meeting? – Village Board meetings are held at 7:30pm on the 4th Thursday of every month.  Meetings take place at:  Elm Creek Village Center, 535 W Boyd Ave, Elm Creek, NE  68836.  Please also view our event calendar for any changes in meeting dates.
      5. How do I get an item on the board agenda? – Please make your request in writing and return it to the Village office at 535 W Boyd Ave.  CLICK HERE to print out the necessary form to fill out.
      6. How do I find out what items will be on the next Village Board meeting? – At least 48 hours prior to the meeting date and time, agendas are posted inside the Village Hall.
      7. When is the next Board of Trustees and/or Chairperson election? – Elections are every two years in November.  The Chairperson and Board of Trustees serve a four year term.  Contact the County Clerk for more information.
      8. How do I request to look at public records? – Please make your request in writing and return it to the Village office at 535 W Boyd Ave.  An appointment will be made for you to view the records.
      9. How do I apply for a handicap parking permit? – Please click on the link Handicap Permit Application to print out your application.Take your application and a copy of your valid driver’s license to your local DMV office, or send the application to: Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver and Vehicle Records Division, Attn: Handicapped Parking Permits, P.O. Box 94789, Lincoln, NE 68509.
      10. How do I apply for handicap license plates? – You can apply for a disability license plate by mail.  Complete the Handicap License Plate Application, which must include signed medical certification.  Submit your application to the address on the form.  Wait for your approval letter, which you will receive by mail. Take your approval letter and payment for your vehicle registration fees to your Nebraska County Treasurer’s Office to get your license plate.
      11. I want to sell an item or service door-to-door.  What do I need to do? – Stop in at the village office at 535 W Boyd Ave to fill out a Peddlers and Hawkers Permit.  Information will be required from all sellers, including the date/dates needed for the permit.  It is a $10.00/day permit fee.
      12. How do I get a permit to sell liquor at an event? – You will need to contact the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to apply for a Special Designated Liquor Permit.  Application MUST include approval from the local governing body (city, village or county clerk of where the event is to be held).  EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2015, SDL applications will no longer be accepted without the local approval attached to the application.  If the event is to be held in Elm Creek, please contact the village office at (308) 856-4624 to request to be on the board agenda for the event you are applying for.


  1. How do I reserve and/or rent a park area or shelter? – The Village of Elm Creek’s park areas and shelters are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are not able to be rented/reserved.
  2. Where can I purchase a pass to the pool? – Pool passes are available at the Elm Creek Public Pool located at 610 N McComb, Elm Creek, NE  68836.  Phone 308-856-4945.
  3. Who is eligible for my family pool pass? – Immediate family members whose permanent address is at the same residence as the applicant are eligible to use the family pass.
  4. Do the tennis/basketball courts have lights? – Yes, lights are available for users by flipping a switch.
  5. Who do I contact if I see something in need of repair at the park? – Please contact the Village Superintendent at 308-293-5899 or the Village Offices at 308-856-4624.


    1. How can I join the Volunteer Fire Department? – Contact the fire chief at (308) 440-1057 for details.  You may also pick up applications at the Village office or Click Here to download an application to be dropped off to the Village office.
    2. Who do I call if I need the ambulance services? – Please call 9-1-1
    3. When is the annual Fire Department pancake feed fundraiser? – The pancake feed is usually held the last weekend of January.  Please refer to the Event Calendar for the exact date.
    4. Ho do I get a burn permit? – You will need to contact the Fire Department to obtain a burn permit.  Doug Hild, Fire Chief @ (308) 440-1057 or Scott Shubert, Assistant Fire Chief @ (308) 236-3385.


  1. How do I purchase a lot in the Village of Elm Creek Cemetery? – You can call the Utilities Superintendent at (308) 293-5899 or the Village Clerk at (308) 856-4624.
  2. Is there a directory I can look at? – There is a self-help directory located on the south side of the cemetery under the small shelter.
  3. When can flowers be left on graves? – Flowers can be left in permanent containers all year long and may be left on graves throughout the winter season.  During Memorial Weekend, all flowers and decorations may be placed the Friday prior to Memorial Day and will need to be removed prior to the following Monday of the next week.


  1. How do I report a street light that is out? – Please call the Village Superintendent at 308-293-5899 or the Village Office at 308-856-4624.  Or you may go to our Contact Page or Report A Concern Form.
  2. How do I report a pothole? – Please call the Village Superintendent at 308-293-5899 or the Village Office at 308-856-4624.  Or you may go to our Contact Page or Report A Concern Form.
  3. What is the number that I am supposed to call before I dig? – The telephone number for Diggers Hotline of Nebraska is 8-1-1.  The call and services are free and can save you liability for damaged utilities you may incur if you don’t call.
  4. When is the grass clippings pile and tree pile open and where are they located? – The Grass Clippings Pile and Tree Pile is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are located on the southwest side of town on Buffalo Trail.
  5. Who do I contact about getting streets blocked off? – Contact our Village Superintendent at 308-293-5899.
  6. Is there a place I can drop off my recycling? – The recycling trailers and dumpsters are located on west Boyd Avenue just north of the Village Offices.  There is a paper recycling trailer, cardboard recycling trailer and a large recycling dumpster for aluminum, plastic, and tin cans.
  7. How do I set up service and get utilities in my name? – You may call the Village Office at 308-856-4624 or stop by the Village Office at 535 W Boyd Avenue.
  8. When is my bill due? – Bills are due by the 10th of the month and considered delinquent after the 20th of the month.
  9.  Where do I put my trash can on my collection day? – Your can must be placed as close to the alley as possible.  If you do not have alley access, then your can goes out by the front curb but not in the street.  Please make sure the handles face the street.
  10. My garbage can wheels/lid handles are broken, what do I do? – Please contact the Village Office at 308-856-4624 to purchase a new one.
  11. What is my collection day?  Please contact the Village Office at 308-856-4624 to find out your collection day.
  12. What time do I need to have my garbage can out by? – Your garbage can needs to be out the night before to ensure your garbage is picked up.
  13. Can I put yard waste in my garbage? – No, yard waste cannot be put in your garbage can.  Only household trash is accepted.
  14. How do I rent a large garbage dumpster? – Please contact the Village Superintendent at 308-293-5899 or the Village Offices at 308-856-4624 to arrange for dumpster delivery, pick-up and emptying.
  15. What if my collection day falls on a holiday? – In most cases your garbage will be collected on the following business day.  If a holiday lands on a Thursday or Friday, it most likely will be collected on the previous day.  Please check our event calendar for Holiday Garbage Collection or call the Village office at 308-856-4624.
  16. Why wasn’t my garbage picked up? – Either your can was not out when the sanitation truck passed your area, the can was not close enough to the alley or curb, or the can had uncollectable items in it.